Archives - 2014

American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) Webinar, 11 Dec 2014, “Career Development for Device Integration”

“Challenges Using Patient Generated Data for Patient Care”, Medical Connectivity Blog, 4 Nov 2014,

AGEING Wealth, 16 Oct 2014, Mirandola, Italy, “Standards and Interoperability of Services Based on Standardized Equipment and Protocols”

Mobile World Capitol, Barcelona, and mHealth Competence Center, 15 October 2014, “Connecting mHealth with the Healthcare System, Technical Recommendation,” with Michael Strubin

European Telemedicine Conference, 8 Oct 2014, Rome, Italy, ETC TRACK 1 – Confidentiality, Ethics and Legal Components of Telemedicine: “Improving Security Through Standards”

Connectivity Standards Adoption Over Time”, Medical Connectivity Blog, 16 July 2014,

eHealth Forum, 26 May 2014, Athens, Greece, Interview with TechTalk Central on Shaping a Strategy for eHealth – podcast link

mHealth Summit-Europe, 8 May 2014, Berlin, Germany, “Description of United4Health System Architectures” and Protocols and “The Importance of Interoperability and Technical Standards.”

“mHealth  How much does it Cost and is it Clinically Effective”, Medical Connectivity Blog, 24 February 2014,

Virginia Healthcare and Hospital Association, Patient Safety Summit, 30 Jan 2014, Richmond, VA, Keynote, “Patient Safety: Systems and Technology.”